Preview: 5th UKP-Workshop on Ultrafast Laser Technology 2019

Lively expert discussion with Prof. Thomas Graf, Institute for Beam Tools IFSW at the University of Stuttgart (right) and Dr. Arnold Gillner, Fraunhofer ILT at the 4th UKP-Workshop 2017 in Aachen. (Source: Fh. ILT)

Specialists from laser development, process engineering, and industry will meet in Aachen from April 10 to 11, 2019 for the “5th UKP-Workshop: Ultrafast Laser Technology“, organized by the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT. This fifth edition will focus on new systems engineering solutions for increasing the productivity of processes in ultrashort pulse (USP) laser material processing.

In addition to the basics of USP technology, twenty speakers from different countries will address current issues: How can large average output powers of USP laser beam sources be realized and efficiently implemented in the corresponding machining processes? Which system-technical solution approaches and beam shaping concepts are available to distribute the high average power on the workpiece surface and which new possibilities of material processing result from this? What do users have to consider with regard to process technology? And what challenges must be mastered in system technology?

In addition to the new developments and trends in USP technology, new findings on the generation of X-rays will also be presented. Furthermore, experts will present the latest laser-based applications and processing methods that extend the limits of existing technologies in terms of process speed, quality, and material range.

During the accompanying tabletop exhibition various companies will present new products and their latest trends. Participants have the possibility to discuss innovative solutions to their specific problems one-to-one with well-known companies.

Some two hundred participants are expected, and the increased number of international visitors reflects the international importance of the topic. The conference language is English with simultaneous interpretation in German. (Source: Fh. ILT)

Link: 5th UKP-Workshop on Ultrafast Laser Technology 2019, Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany

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