Precise Angle Adjustment and Monitoring

New „ELCOMAT vario N“ product line of electronic autocollimators ideal for angular position monitoring or adjustment of reflectors in the optics, laser and semiconductor industries.

The new product line is the logical further development of the “ELCOMAT vario D” product line, which has proven itself worldwide. Here are eight different models available. This enables the potential user to select the instrument optimally suited to his task with regard to the required measuring range or the measuring uncertainty to be achieved. The autocollimator consists of a sensor head and an intelligent display module that can export or internally store angle measurement values at a speed of 30 Hz. Thus, the autocollimator can be operated independently of a PC/laptop. In addition, the new hardware and software concept enables direct digital signal processing in the sensor head with a significantly improved signal-to-noise ratio. Using position sensors in the sensor head with the alignment aid visualized in the display unit, the autocollimator can be easily, quickly and precisely adjusted to the test object/reflector.

Möller-Wedel Optical has been accredited at DAkkS (DAkkS accreditation number D-K-20592-01) since 2017 for the dimensional measurand angle – angle standards. Thus the company may supply all electronic autocollimators with a DAkkS calibration certificate on request.

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