Political Steering Processes in Asia Aiming the Photonics Industry

[C1] New Market Study published on "Industrial Political Steering in Asia aiming Photonics Industry" published (Source: Photonics21)

New Market Study published on “Industrial Political Steering in Asia aiming Photonics Industry” (Source: Photonics21)

„Political Steering Processes in Asia aiming the Photonics Industry“ are subject of a new study which were commonly conducted by the industry associations Spectaris and VDMA, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF. It now was introduced in the frame of the Laser World of Photonics 2015 fair in Munich.

The new market study was carried out by Euro Asia Consulting (EAC) and focuses on the photonic segments production technology, medical technology and machine vision which are of particular importance for the German photonics industry. It analyses content and structure of public support and steering actions today and by 2020 in China, South Korea and Japan based on the screening of more than 5000 public funding programs as well as conducting several interviews with governmental representatives, industry associations and German enterprises with activities in Asia.

The debate about the impact of Globalization Processes on the photonics industry started already during the last Photonics Congress in Berlin in February 2015. Together with the Digitization Processes the German photonics industry views this as a major challenge and /or opportunity for the branch. Specifically in the three core segments which were subject of the survey German photonics industry has an excellent global position with high and increasing market shares as the “Photonics Industry Report 2013” reports.

Amongst others -following topics and questions were raised in the study: How “strategic” is photonics as an enabling technology valued in Asian countries and for Asian industrial steering programs, how does political steering processes in Asia work – who are the decision makers? Will decision making structures change in near future? How efficient are political steering instruments – do they contribute to speed up innovation processes? Can foreign photonics enterprises industry gain/participate from those political steering processes?

The Executive Report is available for downloading at the respective websites of the study’s
conductors. (Source: Photonics21)

Links: • Photonics21 • VDMA Photonics Forum • VDMA Laser & Laser Systems for Material Processing • SPECTARIS • VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH • BMBF, Photonik Forschung Deutschland

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