PIXAPP Funding Initiative Supports Advanced Photonic Packaging

Photonic Packaging Lab at Tyndall Institute on the PIXAPP photonic packaging & assembly training course held on 4. – 5. April 2019. (Source: PIXAPP Gateway Team)

The European Photonic Packaging Pilot Line PIXAPP announced a call for proposals to support companies develop scalable packaging solutions for their new photonic products. Proposals submitted under this call will be competitively reviewed with the expectation to start approved projects in Q3-2019.

PIXAPP supports the uptake of integrated photonics by offering an open access packaging and assembly pilot line service. The objective of the “pre-commercial” call for proposals is to support the uptake of advanced photonic packaging technologies by European companies for their new photonic products. Technologies developed through this support measure are aimed at utilizing integrated photonic circuits for improved performance, lower energy consumption, and the ability to manufacture in products in higher volumes.

Market applications include, but are not limited to, sub-systems for high speed optical communications, biosensors for healthcare, and medical diagnostics and compact sensors such as lidar for use in autonomous driving systems.

Proposal selection criteria include: European-based SMEs may receive a subsidy of 80 % of their innovation project, whereas large-scale European companies receive a 50 % subsidy. Companies must have demonstrated the technical feasibility of their product. Proposals for proof-of-concept type demonstrators are not eligible. Companies should demonstrate a business case for scale-up to volume production and/or how the funded project will positively impact on their future business.

It is desirable that companies use PICs fabricated in European-based foundries, especially EU Pilot Lines. However, this is not essential. Key target applications include: communications, healthcare, and sensors. A balance of proposals will be selected from across each of these areas. It is desirable that selected projects should be ready to start in Q3-2019.

Closing date for submission of the pre-proposal application form is May 17th.

Link: PIXAPP Gateway, Cork, Ireland

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