Pick and Place Station

Pick and place station “NanoPlace” for demanding micro assembly tasks that uses various precision assembly technologies like gluing, eutectic bonding, soldering, welding, etc.

The gantry configuration offers a large unobstructed working area with easy access for loading the components to be processed. In order to achieve the most productive solution, the design and process flow will be tailored to the application: Gluing with epoxy and subsequent UV curing is widely used for the permanent placement of lenses, prisms, mirrors, VCSEL’s and similar elements. The resin is dispensed by either time/pressure units, jetting dispensers or volumetric instruments. – Eutectic bonding combines the precise placement with high thermal conductivity. Typical examples for such devices include opto-electronic chips which are sensitive to temperature changes, such as modulators, Silicon Photonics assemblies or semiconductor laser dies. – Selective laser soldering is the right choice for attaching extremely thin wires to miniature contact pads or insert heat-sensitive components into PC boards. – Laser welding joins two parts without filling material. This joining technology provides maximum mechanical strength and is widely used for space applications. – Micro ablation can be integrated into the process flow as an additional inline process.

The powerful machine vision capability allows for measuring the position of the objects in all dimensions with less than 1 µm error. The motion control elements match this performance: Linear optical encoders provide 5 nm resolution for controlling the linear motors. Depending on the processes, the station changes the tooling automatically. A variety of device grippers allow for the ideal adaptation to the respective gripping task: pneumatic or electrical parallel grippers with two jaws, vacuum grippers or combinations of these.

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