PhotonicsViews 3/2019 June/July

PhotonicsViews magazine 3-2019 (June / July; source: Wiley)

Cover Picture

Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 3/2019

Anamorphic beam shaping optics are used to transform elliptical laser beams to a round shape or vice versa. (Source: Schäfter+Kirchhoff)


Connected Optics Enabling Digital Laser Material Processing: Systems are getting smart at the Laser World of Photonics
  • Ralf Kuschnereit (Jenoptik)
  • Pages: 1


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News: PhotonicsViews 3/2019
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Organizations & Initiatives

Organizations & Initiatives: PhotonicsViews 3/2019
  • Pages: 29-31


“I Can See a Clock Measurement Precision Advance by Another Factor of Ten”: Jun Ye, awarded with the Norman F. Ramsey Prize 2019, talks about his research, his aims, and his visions
  • Pages: 32-33


Getting the Best out of Your Fiber: GLOphotonics founder Fetah Benabid on research and business success
  • Jose Pozo (EPIC)
  • Pages: 34-36

Technology Report

Quantum Photonics – Steps Towards new Technologies Commercialization: Quantum technologies are expected to cause a paradigm shift in quantum communication, ‐simulation, ‐computing and ‐metrology – and innovations in quantum photonics are enabling this revolution
  • Elena Beletkaia, Jose Pozo (EPIC)
  • Pages: 38-41


EUV Microscopy: A Unique Approach for Materials Characterization: Ultrafast extreme ultraviolet provides novel capability for probing nanoscale material characteristics
  • Rosy Manser (KMlab with Optoprim)
  • Pages: 42-45
Multiline Lasers for Fluorescence Microscopy: Simplifying multicolor biomedical imaging in compact instrumentation
  • Melissa Haahr (Hübner Photonics)
  • Pages: 46-49

Laser Optics

Ultrafast Mirrors: The importance of high reflectance and dispersion control in ultrafast optics
  • Daniel Adams, Tony Karam (Edmund Optics)
  • Pages: 50-53
Power of the Wave: The transition from geometrical to wave optics allows a substantial productivity gain in laser material processing – up to a thousandfold
  • Daniel Flamm (Trumpf)
  • Pages: 54-55
Anamorphic Shaping of Laser Beams: How to transforms a collimated laser beam with elliptical cross‐section into a circular beam or vice versa
  • Ulrich Oechsner, Christian Knothe, Mats Rahmel (Schäfter+Kirchhoff)
  • Pages: 56-59

Optical Measurement and Testing

High‐Definition Long‐Reach Video Transmission: How to gain high‐definition, real‐time images and transmit video digitally over long cables
  • Natalie Ryan (Active Silicon)
  • Pages: 60-63
Spectroscopy Applications for Plasma Monitoring: Exploring the use of optical emission spectroscopy as a form of plasma monitoring during the manufacturing of electronics
  • Janel Kane (Avantes)
  • Pages: 64-67
Thickness Determination of Transparent Coatings: Considering a correction factor, chromatic confocal sensors can easily be used to determine the thickness of a transparent workpiece
  • Michael Quinten (Michael Quinten, Wissenschaftlich-Technische Software)
  • Pages: 68-71
In‐Line VCSEL Testing: High‐resolution array spectroradiometers guarantee high throughput volumes and reliability in industrial environment
  • Tobias Roesener (Instrument Systems)
  • Pages: 72-74

Laser Sources

The Control of Quantum States with Lasers: Latest innovations for quantum technologies
  • Stephan Ritter, Jürgen Stuhler (Toptica Photonics)
  • Pages: 75-77
Chirped Pulse Amplification: Nobel winning science is a key to Coherent ultrafast amplifiers
  • Marco Arrigoni, Jean‐Luc Tapié (Coherent)
  • Pages: 78-82

Materials Processing

Laser Beam Polishing of Polymers: Selection of polymers suitable for laser‐based post processing of FLM‐printed parts
  • Michel Layher, Andreas Hopf, Lukas Eckhardt, Jens Bliedtner (EAH Jena)
  • Pages: 83-87

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Company Profiles: PhotonicsViews 3/2019
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Buyers’ Guide
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