PhotonicsViews 6/2019 December / January 2020

PhotonicsViews 16(6), December 2019 / January 2020 (Source: Wiley)

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The redesigned Near-Infrared Spectrometer and Photometer (NISP) of the ESA space telesope Euclid, a mission to map the geometry of the Universe. (Source: Euclid Cons. / CPPM / LAM)


What Lies Ahead: Overview of the European photonics industry and the hot topics for 2020
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“Sensors Everywhere!”: The history of industry’s first fiber Bragg grating manufacturing system and subsequent sensors development

Technology Report

VCSEL Technology in the Data Communication Industry: The advantages, challenges and new opportunities that single‐mode VCSELs bring in datacom


“Additive Manufacturing is a Disruptive Technology”: Interview with Alba Mena Subiranas, vice president maintenance & reliability solutions at BASF

Market Report

Embedded Vision Expands Market Potential: VDMA machine vision board members discuss opportunities for the use of embedded vision

Machine Vision

Improved Inspection Thanks to Machine Learning: Image recognition with deep neural networks for the inspection of medical products

Optical Systems

The Future of Positioning Technology Unfolds: Simultaneous position optimization increases throughput and lowers manufacturing costs for optical and photonic systems

Optical Design

Objectives without Compromise: Revolutionary lens manufacturing overcomes image quality trade‐off

Trends in Manufacturing

Automated Precision Assembly of Optical Systems: Modular and flexible machine architectures allow for shortest time to market and scalable assembly solutions for optical systems

Application Feature

Visual Perception System Guides Robots: Bolt‐on system enables intelligent automation with a turn‐key set of hardware and embedded computing
Innovative Texturing. Accelerated Productivity: GF Machining Solutions research establishes laser texturing as a high‐value asset for industrial designers
High Precision Laser Cutting of Electrical Steel: Improved mechanics and laser synchronization provide a unique combination of precision, high overall throughput, and guaranteed part repeatability

Application Report

Moving from YAG to Fiber Lasers: A case study from Pyramid Engineering and SPI Lasers
Sensitive Airspace: 3D‐printing a rake used for the engine developments of planes slashes costs by almost eighty percent


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