PhotonicsViews 4/2020 August/September

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PhotonicsViews 4/2020, August / September (Source: Wiley-VCH)

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The assembly of complex optical systems requires highest accuracy. Active alignment helps to reduce cycle times by two orders of magnitude. Learn more on:


Autonomous Driving Inspires Photonics to Thrive: The technology is now at the tipping point

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“Every Change We Made on the Chip Was an Adventure”: A portrait of Pim Kat, founder and former CEO of Technobis Group

Optical Measurement Technology

Laser Forensics: The Invisible – Revealed and Measured: IR laser technology from Scanovis revolutionizes forensics; Ophir measurement technology simplifies adjustment of the optics

Confocal Laser Vibrometry: Visualizing vibrations inside microelectromechanical systems

Advance Online Publication

New Microstructured Optical Fibers for Innovative Lasers and Beam Transportation (Full early-view paper)


THz‐Raman – A New Analytical Tool: Extending Raman spectroscopy to other spectral regions – modality for microscopes, vials and well plates

Communications: automotive topics

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Market Report

ADAS Sensors and Computing: A 22 Billion Dollar Market in 2025: Radar and camera are expected to lead the market, but more computing power and a new E/E architecture will be required

Trends in Manufacturing

More Flexibility and Sharp Edges: Laser technologies extend the freedom of day‐night design and can also be applied to chrome (III)

Laser Materials Processing

Blue Lasers Move Deeper Into Applications: Higher power and brightness enable new capabilities

Laser Cladding

Less CO2 and Fine Dust Emissions in Automotive: High‐power laser cladding as a cost‐effective rotor coating solution

Machine Vision

Measuring Wheel Movements at Speeds up to 155 MPH: Aicon automobile performance testing system equipped with high‐speed cameras from Mikrotron

See, Recognize, Grasp: Industrial cameras optimize gripping processes of assembly robots

Laser Cutting

In Colladon’s Footsteps: Water jet laser evolution MMXX – applying modern IR fiber lasers to cut challenging applications


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