PhotonicsViews 4/2019 August/September

PhotonicsViews magazine 4-2019 (August / September; source: Wiley)

Cover Picture

Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 4/2019

Processing of an automotive structural component with the multi-functional tool developed in the project MultiPROmobil – cutting, welding, and additive manufacturing with one laser in one machine (Source: Fh. ILT)


Lighting the Way for E‐Mobility
  • Christian Schmitz (Trumpf)
  • Pages: 1


Contents: PhotonicsViews 4/2019
  • Pages: 2-3


News: PhotonicsViews 4/2019
  • Pages: 4-11


Products: PhotonicsViews 4/2019
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Communications: PhotonicsViews 4/2019
  • Pages: 14-21

Organizations & Initiatives

Organizations & Initiatives: PhotonicsViews 4/2019
  • Pages: 22-24


450 Patents – The Key Is Not the Number, It’s the Process: Prof. Lebby: “Bring Photonics companies together to agree on road maps”
  • Jose Pozo (EPIC)
  • Pages: 25-27


“We’ve Got Your Application Covered”: Interview with Dr. Stéphane Fournier, Director of EMEA Sales at Coherent Inc., at the Laser World of Photonics 2019 in Munich
  • Pages: 28-29
“Surround the Workpiece”: Herman Chui from Spectra‐Physics Lasers and Christian Dini from Ophir explain the new offering from MKS Instruments
  • Pages: 30-32

Technology Report

Focus on Electromobility: Lasers and Imaging for the Drive Systems of Tomorrow: World’s leading trade fair showcasing photonics for a new era of mobility
  • Pages: 33-35
Smart Technologies Meet the Production Requirements of e‐Mobility: Electromobility will secure jobs or even create new ones
  • Pages: 36-37

Market Report

Innovative Laser Machines and Sensors Transform Vehicles and Consumer Electronics: Report: Laser Diodes & Direct Diode Lasers 2019 – 2029
  • Pages: 38-39

Trends in Manufacturing

Energy Storage, Lasered!: In the production equipment for lithium‐ion batteries, laser processes are becoming increasingly important
  • Maximilian Wegener (Manz)
  • Pages: 40-43
Future Technology Photonics – Is the Product Development Ready for Automotive?: How to comply with automotive requirements for the product development process to enter and survive the market
  • Nadine Bey (Invensity)
  • Pages: 44-48

Optical Components

Safety First!: Lidar / 3D sensing laser illumination using new Limo wide‐angle diffuser
  • Dirk Hauschild, Daniel Braam, Alexei Krasnaberski, Jennifer Zhang (Limo)
  • Pages: 49-51

Laser Welding

Optimizing Automotive Welding Applications with CleanWeld: A unique approach to fiber laser welding
  • Frank Gäbler (Coherent)
  • Pages: 52-55

Application Feature

Quality Is Everything: Volkswagen production facility performs in‐line inspections with the Zeiss AIMax
  • Pages: 56-59

Application Report

The Final Touch: Exact trimming of foam parts with Ensenso 3D camera
  • Pages: 60-61

Beam Analysis

Importance of Beam Analysis for Industry 4.0: Ensuring the quality of welding and cutting by constantly monitoring the laser parameters
  • Barbara Stumpp (on behalf of Primes)
  • Pages: 62-64

Ultrafast Laser Machining

Accelerator for Ultrafast Laser Serial Production: Interaction of important components opens up new possibilities
  • Joachim Ryll, Jens Holtkamp, Stephan Eifel (Pulsar Photonics)
  • Pages: 65-69


Ultrafast Fiber Lasers for Multiphoton Microscopy: High‐resolution microscopy using ultrafast fiber lasers
  • Pascal Dupriez (Spark Lasers / Laser 2000)
  • Pages: 70-73


  • Pages: 74


Meetings: PhotonicsViews 4/2019
  • Pages: 75-77

Service: Buyers’ Guide

Buyers’ Guide
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