PhotonicsViews 2/2020 April/May

PhotonicsViews 17(2), April 2020 / Mai 2020 (Source: Wiley)


One of the two dominating options of pre-assembled Fast Axis Collimators (FACs) is FACs on bottom tabs. Bottom tabs provide advantages such as better thermal conductivity between the FAC and the mechanical holder as well as a more mechanically robust design. (Source: Fisba)


Imagine: Digitalization in photonic production

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“Understanding What Customers Value”: A portrait of Mary Hibbs‐Brenner, co‐founder and CEO of Vixar
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Technology Reports

Lasers and Surface Functionalization: How a technology aiming at sustainability is spreading and supporting laser development in Europe
Hyperspectral Imaging is Conquering the Industry: Hyperspectral‐based imaging is establishing itself in ever new industrial fields of application. How does this technology work and where can it be used?


Program of the Technological Conference AKL’20
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Technology Feature

Laser’s Future Will Be Smart: 12 laser experts working in research and industry reveal their views on the future of laser technology: artificial intelligence will clearly have a significant role to play

Market Report

The Global Market for Industrial Laser Processing: Fiber laser revenues dictate total‐industry negative performance in 2019

Laser Micromachining

Digitization for Highly Accurate 3D Laser Processing of Customer‐specific Tools: Digital generation of micro tools in coatable carbide and ultra‐hard materials and aspects of autonomous production

Laser Cutting

Analyzing the Dynamics of the Laser Beam Cutting Process: An explanation of characteristic frequencies of melt film dynamics
New Developments for the Repair of Structural Engine Components with Laser Material Deposition: In‐situ repair by combining LMD and endoscopic devices

Laser Sources

Efficient and High‐Brightness Broad Area Laser Diodes Designed for High‐Temperature Operation: Advantages of semiconductor laser diodes as efficient high‐power laser light sources applicable at elevated ambient temperatures
Green High‐Power Disk Lasers and Industrial Applications: Innovative beam sources for increased process efficiency during laser beam welding of copper
Blue High‐Power Laser Diodes – Beam Sources for Novel Applications: Overview and outlook

Laser Welding

2.0 μm Laser Transmission Welding: Welding of transparent and opaque polymers with single‐mode Tm‐doped fiber lasers
Unique and Durable Eyewear Thanks to Laser Technology: Lasers from Coherent bring a unique vision to reality
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