PhotonicsViews 2/2019 April/May

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PhotonicsViews magazine 2-2019 (April / May; source: Wiley)

Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 2/2019
New cw high power blue diode laser allows controlled heat conduction welding of copper. (Source: Laserline)



Digitization with Non‐Contact Sensors: Integration into the manufacturing environment and production process
  • Ralf Christoph (Werth Messtechnik)
  • Pages: 1



Contents: PhotonicsViews 2/2019
  • Pages: 2-3



News: PhotonicsViews 2/2019
  • Pages: 4-11



Products: PhotonicsViews 2/2019
  • Pages: 12-13


Organizations & Initiatives

Organizations & Initiatives: PhotonicsViews 2/2019
  • Pages: 14-15



Communications: PhotonicsViews 2/2019
  • Pages: 16-21



“We Need a Practical Regulatory Framework”: Interview with Ralf Gärtner, Protiq, a Phoenix Contact company
  • Ralf Gärtner (Protiq / VDMA)
  • Pages: 22-23


Market Report

The Industrial Camera Modules Market: Market review and forecast until 2022
  • Ana Belén González, Jose Pozo (EPIC)
  • Pages: 24-26


Technology Report

Brillouin to Revolutionize the Distributed Sensing Market: Novel technologies such as Brillouin fiber ring lasers and “magic” tape make the Brillouin fiber optic sensors significantly more accessible
  • Jose Pozo, Elena Beletkaia (EPIC)
  • Pages: 27-29


Laser Systems

Industrial Blue Diode Laser Breaks 1 kW Barrier: New cw high power blue diode laser allows controlled heat conduction welding of copper
  • Simon Britten, Volker Krause (Laserline)
  • Pages: 30-33



Snapshot Multispectral Imaging: Customized multispectral analysis tool for advanced object classification
  • Oliver Pust (Delta Optical Thin Films), Martin Hubold (Fraunhofer IOF)
  • Pages: 34-36


Laser Welding

Adjustable‐Function Beam Shaping Methods: Improving throughput, seam height, strength, and the edge smoothness of the joints with process‐specific tailored laser intensity distribution
  • Alexander Brodsky, Natan Kaplan (Holo/Or), Stefan Liebl, Rainer Franke (TU Munich, iwb)
  • Pages: 37-41


Optical Measurement Technology

Shaping Spectra within Optical Fibers: Embedding high‐resolution spectrometers into the cores of optical fibers
  • Christian Waltermann, Philip Guehlke, Jan Koch, Wolfgang Schippers (FiSens)
  • Pages: 42-45
Non‐Contact Imaging of the Magnetic Signature of Historical Tape Recordings: Reading by a magneto‐optical method helps to rescue aged recordings on magnetic tapes
  • Jean Blondeau, Ute Franke (5micron)
  • Pages: 46-49



Smart Infrared Cameras for Industry 4.0: A new technological approach for increased productivity and product quality
  • Pascal Echt (AT Automation Technology)
  • Pages: 50-55



Camera‐Based Observation in Laser Material Processing: Possibilities and limitations for the choice of the lens
  • Katharina Friedrich (Sill Optics)
  • Pages: 56-57
More Transparency with X‐Ray Tomography: Which resolution is important for dimensional measurements?
  • Pages: 58-59 (Werth Messtechnik)


Application Features

Improving the Efficiency of Thin‐Film Solar Modules: Backlight laser modules ensure optimum illumination for quality control
  • Pages: 60-62 (Z-Laser / Manz)
Managing a Highly Complex Inventory System with a New Machine Vision Solution: Affordable high‐end cameras and imaging software overcome challenge of managing an expansive high‐bay tower system
  • Pages: 63-65 (Kiefel / Teledyne Dalsa)
One‐Stop Shop: Manufacturing and quality assurance technologies for automotive part inspection
  • Pages: 66-68 (Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik / Gstamp)
Automotive Components 3D Printed in Series: Unrestrained design and premium‐quality production with titanium additive manufacturing
  • Pages: 69-71 (EOS)


Application Report

Engraving Dies Produced in 12 Hours Instead of 500: Acsys laser system amortized in only one year – scanner can digitize oversize hand‐made models for further processing on the computer
  • Pages: 72-73 (Acsys Laser)



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Buyers’ Guide
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