PhotonicsViews 1/2019 February/March

PhotonicsViews 1/2019 February/March (Source: Wiley)

Cover Picture

Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 1/2019
Working within the framework of Lyteus, Holst Centre and Fraunhofer FEP step into the spotlight with the creation of the world’s longest single-device OLED, a 15-meter roll-to-roll OLED. (Source: Lyteus)


Welcome to PhotonicsViews Magazine: Bringing all of photonics to a united readership following the merger of Laser Technik Journal and Optik & Photonik
  • Oliver Dreissigacker, Anna‐Lena Gutberlet
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Contents: PhotonicsViews 1/2019
  • Pages: 2-3


News: PhotonicsViews 1/2019
  • Pages: 4-9


Products: PhotonicsViews 1/2019
  • Pages: 10-13


Communications: PhotonicsViews 1/2019

  • Pages: 14-17

Special Interview Feature

Photonics United: Eight voices from the industry – accompanying the premiere issue of PhotonicsViews
  • Pages: 18-22


Organizations & Initiatives

Organizations & Initiatives: PhotonicsViews 1/2019
  • Pages: 23-25

Technology Report

Diagnostics on Gold by Plasmon Resonance: Evaluating the scene with Ibrahim Abdulhalim, PhotonicSys
  • Ana Belén González, Jose Pozo (EPIC)
  • Pages: 26-28

Fiber Optics

Improved Supply – Decreasing Costs: Standardized anti‐reflection coating unlocks new avenues for fiber optics
  • Holger Bäuerle (CeramOptec)
  • Pages: 30-32

Product Report

New Infrared Laser “Carmina”: More red is impossible
  • Page: 33 (APE Angewandte Physik & Elektronik)

Laser Sources

Powerful Industrial Excimer Configured for High Altitude Water Vapor Measurements: A differential absorption lidar (DIAL) and a high‐power Raman lidar have been developed and optimized on Mount Zugspitze
  • Ralph Delmdahl and Ulrich Emmerichs (Coherent), Thomas Trickl and Hannes Vogelmann (Karlsruher Institut for Technology)
  • Pages: 34-37

Laser Surface Processing

Laser Implantation: An Innovative Technique for Surface Texturing: The creation of wear resistant and elevated surface features by a localized dispersing of ceramic particles
  • Felix Spranger, Kai Hilgenberg (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, BAM)
  • Pages: 38-41

Laser Materials Processing

Brilliant High Performance – Flexible Configuration: Diode lasers for the industry are becoming more and more diverse
  • Thomas Molitor (Laserline)
  • Pages: 42-45

Product Report

Cutting‐Edge: New from II‐VI Highyag: HIGHmotion 2D remote laser welding head and next generation BIMO‐FSC laser cutting head
  • Pages: 46-47 (II-VI Highyag)

Laser Materials Processing

Burst Machining of Copper and Stainless Steel with Picosecond Lasers: Optimized processes for enhanced material removal rates
  • Jim Bovatsek (MKS Spectra-Physics)
  • Pages: 48-50

Laser Cutting

A Breakthrough for Fiber Lasers: Tunable beam quality enables optimized cutting of thin and thick metal
  • Dahv A. V. Kliner, Brian Victor (nLight / Optoprim)
  • Pages: 51-55


Optical Measurement Technology

Material Analysis in Fast Industrial Processes by LIBS: Technical and analytical solutions for inline process monitoring
  • Tobias Jochum, Jens‐Uwe Günther, Christian Bohling (Secopta analytics)
  • Pages: 56-59
Industrial Color Detection at the Edge of Human Perceptibility: Developing a feature‐rich sensor platform without impairing performance or robustness
  • Frank Stüpmann, Mattes Sarcander (Silicann Systems)
  • Pages: 60-63

Machine Vision

Real‐Time Nanopositioning for Security Holograms: Embedded vision system controls focus in microlithography
  • Mariann Király (Vision Components), Iván Pulido
  • Pages: 64-66

Product Report

ProCam and CamTest by Trioptics: Precise camera module manufacturing and 100 % testing technology for ADAS or lidar applications
  • Page: 67 (Trioptics)

Machine Vision

Flying Metrology and Defect Identification for Aircraft Surface Inspection: Automated optical investigation of aircraft surfaces after lightning strike events
  • Armin F. Buckhorst, Aline Kluge‐Wilkes, Robert H. Schmitt (Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering, WZL, RWTH Aachen University).
  • Pages: 68-71
Modulation Transfer Function for Optimum Performance in Vision Systems: The modulation transfer function can be used from system to sensor for the measurement of lenses, sensors, and the entire vision system
  • Stephanie Simon (Framos)
  • Pages: 72-76


How Far Can You Measure?: Considering the spot size ratio of your thermal camera is key
  • Andreas Zinssmeister (Flir)
  • Pages: 77-79


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Meetings: PhotonicsViews 1/2019
  • Pages: 81-85

Service: Buyers’ Guide

Buyers’ Guide
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