Patent Case – LPKF Continues to Build on LDS Business in China

Laser Direct Structuring of 3D MID (Source: LPKF)

Laser Direct Structuring of 3D MID (Source: LPKF)

LPKF has received an order worth 2.5 million euro from a Chinese electronic manufacturer for Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) systems. This is the first phase of a large-scale order LPKF was expecting in the fourth quarter of 2014, but which the client postponed.
With LPKF’s Laser Direct Structuring systems, circuit pathways can be imprinted directly onto three-dimensional plastic components. This saves on space and weight, making it particularly suited to the manufacture of components for small mobile end devices such as smartphones.
In the LDS patent dispute in China, the Supreme People’s Court has released its decision to reject LPKF’s appeal to review the case. This means that the LDS patent in China remains invalid. However, outside China, it continues to be valid in all significant markets. “We will continue to build on our LDS business in China, even without the patent. The higher quality and greater cost efficiency of our systems in the production process are the decisive factors here,” says Ingo Bretthauer, CEO at LPKF.
Ethertronics, a major American manufacturer of electronics components with manufacturing facilities in Korea and China, affirms this claim. It recently obtained the “Authorized LDS Manufacturer” seal of approval from LPKF. This seal is only awarded to clients who are able to prove that their manufacturing processes use only the LDS process patented by LPKF – even in China. (Source: LPKF)

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