Over 50.000 Sapphire Lasers for Biophotonics and more

Coherent has now passed the milestone of 50,000 units shipped for the company’s “Sapphire” family of compact CW visible lasers. As the first solid state alternative to bulky and energy inefficient gas lasers at the critical 488 nm wavelength, these lasers enjoyed early strong success mainly in life sciences and related instrumentation since their introduction more than 20 years ago. However the unique power scaling and wavelength scaling inherent to the optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology has enabled the company to continuously expand the product lineup with new wavelengths and power levels to meet the demands of new and changing applications. The series is currently offered with a choice of nine different standard wavelengths between deep blue (458 nm) and orange (594 nm) to support new applications in metrology and other techniques in diverse industries including semiconductors. Yet all of these compact lasers still feature exactly the same form and fit, which has proved a particularly popular advantage for OEM customers with products often tied to quite different life cycles. In addition to standard products, custom versions of Sapphire with unique wavelengths and other output properties continue to be developed for OEM customers.

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