Osram LED Lighting Solution Honored as Most Innovative Product

Award-winning technology of the future: At this year’s Lightfair in New York City, Osram’s LED lighting solution OmniPoint was recognized with an Innovation Award for the Most Innovative Product of the Year. OmniPoint is a complete lighting solution in the form of an LED downlight installed in the center of the room. The customer uses a tablet computer to define the illumination direction for any given situation. “This award pays tribute to our expertise regarding innovative and smart lighting solutions for professional users,” said Eladia Pulido, head of the Luminaires & Solutions segment at Osram.

As one example, OmniPoint is particularly suitable for the fashion retail segment, where fashion lines change on a regular basis. Up to now, this meant that sales staff not only needed to redesign the store’s decoration but also had to reinstall and adjust the luminaires. Thanks to OmniPoint, this work will be redundant in the future. The product was developed by the corporate technology department. “The combination of intelligent control and LED technology opens up a wide variety of opportunities and OmniPoint is a prime example of this,” said Klaus Streubel, head of Corporate Technology at Osram. (Source: Osram)

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