New Turbomolecular Pumps with Increased Pumping Speeds and Performance Enhancements

New larger variants “nEXT730” and “nEXT930” oft the proven “nEXT” turbomolecular pump range, featuring faster pumping speed performance and outstanding compression ratios for increased improved cycle times and low ultimate pressures. They are ideally suited to customers requiring increased performance, improved cycle times and reduced operational pressures.

The new pumps allow pumping speeds of 730 l/s and 925 l/s for Nitrogen, respective. They will operate in any orientation for flexibility of use, and with the compact design and integrated controller installation is very easy. The new pumps are fully compatible with Edwards’ “TIC” and “TAG” controllers and feature the same control and monitoring capability and interface as the existing “nEXT” range. They are also fully compatible with Support PC software for monitoring, configuration and control options, making systemisation into any new or existing vacuum system easy. They are IP54 rated as standard.

The larger variants will extend the benefits of the pump range into new applications, including specialty coating, and other sectors such as heat treatment, furnaces, electron beam welding, ion implantation, degassing and cylinder evacuation.

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