New Trumpf Laser CFO

Diane Zetzmann-Krien, previously managing director of Trumpf Finan­cial Services GmbH, has now assumed the position of chief finan­cial officer of the laser tech­nology divi­sion.

“Ms. Zetzmann-Krien has success­fully built up Trumpf Financial Services over the last several years. I am pleased that she will support the laser tech­nology business division in the future with her proven exper­tise,” said Lars Grünert, chief finan­cial officer and member of the Trumpf Group manage­ment board.

Diane Zetzmann-Krien has now assumed the position of CFO of the laser tech­nology division.(Source: Trumpf)

Zetzmann-Krien joined Trumpf in February 2015 and succeeds Lutz Aschke, who joined the manage­ment board of Trumpf Photonic Compo­nents on April 1.

Business econo­mist Sabrina Mebus has been appoin­ted as the new mana­ging direc­tor of Trumpf Bank. She is respon­sible for corpo­rate manage­ment, risk manage­ment, repor­ting, super­visory law and accoun­ting. Born in Marbach, she is 38 years old and one of the youngest bank managers in Germany. Hans-Joachim Dörr, who has been respon­sible for buil­ding up sales finan­cing at Trumpf since the begin­ning of activi­ties in this area, will remain responsible for the bank’s market and sales busi­ness divi­sion. He will also act as spokes­man for the manage­ment of Trumpf Bank.

Trumpf Bank is celebrating its fifth anni­ver­sary this year. Its finan­cing offers extend beyond the Trumpf products, ranging from commer­cial real estate to machines from other manufac­turers to fleet finan­cing and will continue to grow in the future. (Source: Trumpf)

Link: TRUMPF lasers, TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG (Holding), Ditzingen

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