New Team Member to Strengthen Photonics Finland

Ana Gebejes, PhD (Source: Kimmo Pukkila)

Photonics Finland welcomes its new team member, Ana Gebejes, PhD. Previously she worked as a project manager in the Epic Challenge education program which was originally launched by NASA. Later on she worked in e-learning software company Valamis Group Ltd as a lead digital learning consultant.

Dr Gebejes is from the city of Senta in northern Serbia where she studied engineering at the University of Novi Sad. She has also studied in the United States and in Spain, and from there she found her way to Joensuu and the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), where she received a doctorate in 2017. In her doctoral thesis, which focused on computer science, she studied the application of spectral video technology in human eye analysis and tracking.

At Photonics Finland she will be working as a head of projects, taking control of the ongoing Miracle project and upcoming Photonics Finland projects. She will also provide valuable support for upcoming Photonics Finland events.

Source: Photonics Finland – Suomen fotoniikan seura ry, Joensuu, Finland

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