New Space for the Coating Technology Division of Berliner Glas

New space for the coating technology division of the Berliner Glas Group (Source: Berliner Glas)

New space for the coating technology division of the Berliner Glas Group. (Source: Berliner Glas)

Hardly any optical component can do without a coating nowadays. But coatings also perform a number of tasks beyond their classic optical functions: they allow components to be bonded, improve abrasion resistance and also serve as electrical conductors or etching barriers.
The “Coating & Surfaces” division of the Berliner Glas Group develops and produces superior coatings for the individual requirements of its customers. The spectrum hereby extends from UV (190 nm) through to the infrared range (6 μm; metal mirrors up to 12 μm). Berliner Glas amongst others realizes coatings for customers from the
telecommunications and medical technology industries. The demand for coatings as etching barriers, e.g. for hydrofluoric acid, or abrasion-resistant coatings of titanium nitrite (TiN) or chromium nitrite (CrN) is also increasing steadily. These coatings are used to protect glass ceramics, for example.
The foundations have now been laid for further growth. The “Coating & Surfaces” division has expanded and moved to new premises within the location in Berlin- Britz, Germany. Extensive conversion work has been going on over the past few weeks. And it has been worth it. New clean rooms (a total of 900 m2) with ISO classes 5 – 7 were installed, the facilities have been modernized and a complete redesign has been carried out resulting in an optimized layout of the systems, measuring equipment and inventory. This has helped Berliner Glas to improve processes,
increase efficiency, enhance reliability and safety and extend the potential for processing a wide variety of products. In addition, by the improvements the company ensures that it will be able to continue to satisfy the constantly rising
demands on cleanliness from the market and customers in the future.

But it is not just the customers who profit from this. The working conditions have also improved for the employees. The rooms are very well lit, the noise pollution is low and the temperature as well as humidity is kept constant. Berliner Glas is well prepared for the future. (Source: Berliner Glas)

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