New Partnership of Hamamatsu and Menlo Systems

Paul Blackborow, Peter Eggl (Hamamatsu), Michael Mei (Menlo Systems), Alex Cable (Thorlabs Inc), Theodor Hänsch (Menlo Systems), Yuji Kobayashi (Hamamatsu), Ronald Holzwarth, Megumi Hashiguchi und Caroline Eckl (Menlo Systems; source: Menlo Systems)

Hamamatsu Deutschland has purchased a minority stake in Menlo Systems GmbH, while Alex Cable has increased his ownership in the company.

Menlo Systems is a developer for optical frequency combs, ultra-stable lasers, femtosecond lasers and terahertz solutions.

Dr. Reinhold Guth, managing director of Hamamatsu Deutschland, said, “we are excited about this creating an opportunity to collaborate with Menlo Systems to develop measuring and spectroscopic systems that can be utilized by our OEM customers”. Dr. Michael Mei, CEO of Menlo Systems, emphasized that “the worldwide reach of Hamamatsu will allow us to bring our Nobel prize-inspired technology to a much wider customer base. It is now possible for us to develop optical engines that can serve both our end users and manufacturers of complex systems”.

Alex Cable said that “the addition of Hamamatsu to the Menlo Systems family substantiates his belief that Menlo has the best technology and the right products to serve several growing markets.”

Menlo and Hamamatsu believe that this purchase of a minority share will lead to new applications and markets for both companies, since there is almost no overlap in their product lines. (Source: Menlo Systems)

Links: Menlo Systems GmbH, Martinsried, GermanyHamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH, Herrsching am Ammersee, Germany

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