New Managing Director of Evosys Service Subsidiary

Since July 1, Stephan Nickisch is the new managing director of Evosys Laser Services GmbH. This step is considered to be an important step for the future orientation of the laser systems maker’s subsidiary.

Stephan Nickisch (Source: Evosys)

He was previously key account manager for the expansion of the systems business at the machine manufacturer Evosys Laser  and has been involved in laser welding of plastics for more than a decade. Since July 1, he has been responsible as Managing Director for the further development of the service company, which offers commissioning and maintenance of laser plastic welding systems as well as contract manufacturing and consulting in this field.

With its high level of customer orientation, Nickisch fits in perfectly with Evosys’ corporate concept. Frank Brunnecker, managing director of the parent company Evosys Laser, is pleased about this step: “We would like our service subsidiary to continue to be as successful as it has been in recent years and we see Mr. Nickisch as an experienced specialist in the market. Due to his strong commitment he is the ideal manager to further expand this important service.” In particular, the customer satisfaction of Evosys Laser Services is to be increased through even better support.

Evosys Laser develops and manufactures tailor-made systems for laser welding of plastics. With many years of market and process experience of its employees, the company offers creative and innovative solutions for integration into automation solutions worldwide. A service package ranging from design consulting and sample production in the company’s own technical center rounds off the product range.

The after-sales service is provided worldwide by our own service company. The company name of the service subsidiary was recently changed from “LPW Services” to “Evosys Laser Services” to emphasize the link to the parent company. (Source: Evosys)

Further reading: F. Brunnecker: Welding of Radially Symmetrical Plastic Parts: Economical use of the laser beam for welding radially symmetrical plastic assemblies, Laser Tech. J. 15(4), p. 42–44, October 2018; DOI: 10.1002/latj.201800025

Link: Evosys Laser Services GmbH, Erlangen, Germany

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