New Laser-Start-up from Bavaria

”Supporting the integration of laser technology – either by independent application technology advise, development or laser-based manufacturing” that’s the concept behind the Prozessfabrik Berger. Since the beginning of last year the laser-start-up, based in Germany, combines different services of modern implementation consulting in the area of laser technology, industrial materials processing and laser design applications.
Prozessfabrik provides the know-how to realize new application and production processes and to optimize existing techniques. Customers are offered a toolbox to implement laser-based innovations. This results not only in our solutions for technical challenges, but also in new and customized technologies. Surface modification, increasing wear-resistance or marking solutions are just some examples where laser can complement common processing methods. The company performs in all stages of development – status analysis, case studies and accurate planning and cost calculations as well as system configurations and the start of production – coordinated from a single source.
In the laser factory the young company additionally provides laser treatment for its customers, this means that different laser equipment is available to ensure the flexibility of production from individual, customized parts to serial production if required. (Source: Prozessfabrik Berger)
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