New General Manager at Coherent Mainz

Coherent appointed Dr. Markus Klein to the position of general manager for the diode laser facility located in Mainz, Germany.

Dr. Markus Klein (Source: Coherent)

“With his long experience in the opto-semiconductor industry, as well as his managerial experience, Dr. Klein will lead the reorganization and the transformation of the site formerly known as Dilas Diodenlaser GmbH, into a fully-integrated Coherent business unit”, comments Juergen Jandeleit, Coherent vice president of diode components. “In addition to the transformation agenda, close collaboration with Coherent facilities and enhancing global service to Coherent customers is a major focus for Dr. Klein.”

Markus Klein will be leading the facility in Mainz, which is developing and manufacturing high-power diode-lasers in a wide range of powers and wavelengths, including OEM components and integrated laser systems. Markets and applications served are laser pumping, medical, material processing, semiconductor inspection, printing, defense, and scientific. Dr. Markus Klein (Source: Coherent)

Link: Laser Diode Modules, Coherent Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA

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