New Corporate Vice President at Ficontec

Continued strong growth is universally forecast for the utilization of photonic devices across a number of existing as well as emerging – and societally important – hi-tech sectors, for example in telecom/datacom, IoT and automotive sensing. Ficontec Service GmbH, the global leader for the assembly and testing solutions that are effectively indispensable for the production of photonic devices in any significant volume, is unsurprisingly experiencing this development firsthand.

Stefano Concezzi, PhD, new corporate vice president at Ficontec (Source: Ficontec)

With this trend signifying a substantial growth path so too for Ficontec, appropriate tools and processes need to evolve within the company in order to realize the opportunities to the greatest extent. For this purpose, the company has created a new role within top management, corporate vice president, that is designed to provide the necessary operative guidance in negotiating these global but application-driven distinct markets. Stefano Concezzi takes over the role effective October 2019.

Stefano, a PhD physics graduate of the University of Parma, Italy, brings deep experience of board-level management within global organizations, of international business development as well as sales and marketing, and of emerging sector revenue development and growth. Moreover, his experience is drawn from many of the sectors that directly intersect with Ficontec’s previous and current activities – IoT, aerospace and automotive as well as innovation development for international projects.

Immediately previous to his new role, Stefano helped successfully guide the expansion of Eldor Corporation, an Italian-based and diversified automotive manufacturer, into the USA. Before that, over a fourteen year span, he held numerous key positions within National Instruments, being responsible in particular for profitably developing their offering and support for key international automotive suppliers and manufacturers, for the energy initiative sector, for scientific R&D and so too for so-called big physics (US Department of Energy, CERN, ESRF, ITER, ELI and others).

Ficontec CEO Torsten Vahrenkamp signals the importance of this new role for the company: “We are exceptionally well positioned to supply the necessary high-volume assembly and test systems to these markets, but we need a particular blend of experience to ensure sustainable and dependable growth in parallel with our global customers’ needs. With the addition of Stefano, we are bringing someone into the company with comprehensive understanding of generating long-term growth in highly complex, innovative and disruptive product environments. He will channel all of our cumulative assembly and test experience gained through the over 700 systems supplied to R&D, laser technology, communications and sensor sectors, and project this as a complete and thorough volume manufacturing proposition to the market.” (Source: Ficontec)

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