NEO HySpex Launch SWIR-640 Camera

Hyperspectral imaging is one of the most talked about technologies these days, mainly due to the wide range of problems it can solve, but not all hyperspectral imaging systems are created equally.

The SWIR-640 has a FOV of 16 degrees, 360 bands, a spectral sampling of 4.28 nm from 960 – 2500 nm, a speed of >140 fps at a SNR > 800 (Source: HySpex)

The new NEO HySpex SWIR-640, presented September 22nd in a new online format, the exclusive ‘EPIC Member New Product Launch’, offers 640 spatial pixels and 360 spectral bands, while maintaining the spectral fidelity and optical quality for which HySpex is renowned.

More accurate detection, more usable data

A common problem faced by many users of hyperspectral imagers is aspects of optical systems propagate errors into data which can affect its interpretation. The new SWIR-640 camera, with its sharper optics and point spread function of 1.2 pixels in the field of view and for all wavelengths, reduces spatial and spectral misregistration to less than ten percent.

This is crucial considering any errors over ten percent of a pixel negatively affect material discrimination and pixel classification due to nonlinear contributions from neighboring pixels. Additionally, because errors from other systems can be up to or exceeding fifty percent of a pixel, the user must have more pixels covering the target of interest and even so, are still affected by contributions of neighboring pixels making these systems neither stable, nor repeatable.

“HySpex’s vision has always been to offer the highest quality and easiest to use hyperspectral imagers in the world. By minimizing spectral and spatial misregistration errors, HySpex users can now capture even more usable and actionable data at the single pixel level,” says HySpex CEO Trond Løke.

Norsk Elektro Optikk (NEO), now the largest independent research and development organization in electro-optics in Norway, was founded in 1985. Hyperspectral imaging activities at NEO began in 1995 and today, HySpex is established as an industry-leading brand for both airborne and ground-based hyperspectral imaging.

The SWIR-640 can be used in all field, lab, and airborne applications. It is ideal for high-end researchers and commercial operations working in geology, vegetation, military, mining, food-quality and other fields where the accuracy and reliability of imaging data is crucial. “A true game changer in the field of hyperspectral imaging in terms of size and wavelength range!”, rates Jose Pozo, CTO at the European Photonics Industry Consortium.

Dr. Christian Mielke, CTO at Rad. Data Spectral Analytics explains: “There is a high demand for high quality hyperspectral sensor data in daily mine site operations, such as basic mineralogical mapping, geological block modeling, geochemical mapping, and stability monitoring. We are convinced the easy to use SWIR-640 by NEO is pivotal to efficiency increase and cost reduction at mines worldwide, with the reduction of the environmental footprint of the overall mining operation as an invaluable additional result of the new system.” (Source: EPIC)

Link: SWIR-640, HySpex by NEO, Skedsmokorset, NorwayHySpex New Product Launch, European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), Paris, France


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