More Space for Spetec

Spetec has around 55 employees and plans for further expansion (Source: Spetec)

Following its recent move to Erding-West, Spetec Gesellschaft für Labor- und Reinraumtechnik believes that it is well prepared for further planned growth. Founded in Erding in 1987, Spetec manufactures clean room technology, laser safety products and laboratory technology.

The requirements in respect of the cleanliness of environments have increased dramatically, particularly in the areas of industrial production, packaging and in laboratories and research. A particulate-free, sterile environment is often crucial in such fields. And the company supplies custom solutions for these demands, from mobile laminar flow boxes to complex turnkey clean room systems. Spetec also offers maintenance and certification of clean room systems in accordance with DIN ISO.

The recently formed laser safety division builds on the experience gained in clean room technology and offers tailored options for laser safety systems. This combination of in-house development, design and production under one roof results in innovative products geared to real-life applications.

In order to cater for the constant growth of the company, Spetec decided to build its own modern premises. The new premises are located on a site measuring almost 9000 m² and ensure ideal working conditions for the 65 employees in 2500 m² of production and office space. This is made possible by an innovative space utilization concept within the building and a new, automated warehouse system. The relocation has also brought with it other forward-looking changes . Some of the work processes were restructured, the production areas were expand-ed, two automated high-bay warehouses were introduced and modern logistics processes were implemented. It is now possible to realize the long-planned goal of further expanding development capacity to meet market demand for innovative products. (Source: Spetec)

Link: Spetec GmbH, Erding, Germany

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