Changes in Modulight’s Board

Modulight, a leading biomedical & semiconductor laser manufacturer, announced the nomination of Mr. Seppo Orsila as president and chief executive officer. Mr. Orsila’s nomination is effective September 12, 2019. Dr. Petteri Uusimaa will simultaneously move from CEO to his new role as vice president and chief technology officer of Modulight.

Seppo Orsila (right), Petteri Uusimaa to become CEO, CTO of the Finnish laser manufacturer, respectively (Source: Modulight)

The changes in leadership are part of continuous development as company continues to progress at accelerating pace. Dr. Uusimaa and Mr. Orsila continue to lead the company jointly as business partners and the largest shareholders.

“I’m truly excited about the steps we’ve taken in the recent years and see this transformation as yet another opportunity to help us serve customers even better as we continue to scale the business rapidly”, says Seppo Orsila. He continues: “Petteri’s role has been instrumental in the development of the company and going forward I trust that we will see even greater contribution from him as we scale up the business together.”

Uusimaa comments: “I believe this change will help us to accelerate the growth even faster. This involves also adoption of complementary technologies along with our current capabilities where I believe my long term experience on Modulight’s core technologies and strengths turns out to be valuable.” (Source: Modulight)

Link: Modulight, Inc., Tampere, Finland

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