Michael Mertin Re-appointed President of Photonics21

The Jenoptik President & CEO will once again represent the technology platform for the European photonics sector for the next two years.
The Jenoptik CEO Michael Mertin was re-elected president with a unanimous vote at the Photonics21 Members’ Meeting at the end of November 2014.
The association has commenced a decisive new phase for the photonics sector in the past two years. A seven-year roadmap was adopted in 2013 with the aim of promoting research and development in the sector. Another milestone followed in December 2013: Photonics21 concluded a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the European Commission, a contract between the public sector and private photonics companies.

Michael Mertin (Source: Jenoptik)

Michael Mertin (Source: Jenoptik)

“This Public-Private Partnership reinforces the commitment of photonics manufacturers to promoting innovation in Europe and strengthening cooperation between private and public institutions”, says Michael Mertin. The Public Private Partnership is also part of “Horizon 2020”. This framework program bundles current European research and innovation projects, including those in the photonics sector. The primary objective is to encourage private investment in research and innovations, successfully introduce these to the market and also strengthen innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.
In 2009, the European Commission identified photonics as one of five key enabling technologies, confirming its role as an important driver of innovation for numerous other sectors. According to industry estimates, sales in the global photonics market will rise to about 615 billion euros by 2020 (2011: 350 billion euros). According to a study by the European Commission, 20 to 30 percent of the European economy is already dependent on photonics. Optical technologies are used in many areas of everyday life, such as for energy-efficient lighting and laser materials processing, in medical diagnostics as well as information and communication technology. (Source: Laser Technik Journal 1 / 2015)


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