Macnica Completes Acquisition of ATD

Kiyoshi Nakashima, CEO of Macnica Inc., and Shiro Watanabe, CEO Macnica GmbH, had visited ATD at its headquarters in Chatou in 2016 when the acquisition was announced. (Source: ATD)

Macnica Inc., a leading value-added distributor and IP developer headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, has just completed the one hundred percent  acquisition of ATD Electronique based in Chatou, France, that specializes in electronic component distribution, especially of image sensors, optics and image processing integrated circuits and also in multimedia equipment with its IT department.

ATD has been servicing electronic system manufacturers across Europe since its inception in 1990, representing major suppliers such as Sony, AMS, Lynred, Corning-Varioptic and others. Its business has grown significantly in machine vision applications, particularly in the fields of production line inspection systems, robotics, scientific research equipment and security surveillance systems, of which European system developers have been leading the global market in technological advancement.

The founder and president of ATD, Antoine Hide, will continue in its top management position even after this transfer of ownership to Macnica. Mr. Hide said that joining the Macnica group will enable ATD to enhance its system level design support for imaging applications by offering additional advanced technology such as peripheral hardware and intellectual property developed and owned by Macnica along with image sensors and relevant IC’s to support machine vision and video over IP for broadcast applications.

“We are very pleased to have ATD in our group to extend our geographical coverage and customer base in Europe”, said Kazumasa Hara, president and co-CEO of Macnica. “ATD’s focus on technical support for semiconductor products, especially for imaging applications fits perfectly into our business strategy and will directly contribute to improved productivity at our customers through the proliferation of camera-based digital transformation of factory floors”, added Mr. Hara.

ATD and Macnica will actively demonstrate ATD’s product portfolio in conjunction with Macnica’s supporting imaging IP by joining upcoming trade shows by IBC in Amsterdam and Measurement World in Paris in September. (Source: Macnica)

Links: ATD Electronique, Chatou, FranceMACNICA, Inc., Yokohama, Japan


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