Lumibird Acquires Optotek Medical

The Lumibird group is announcing the acquisition by its subsidiary Quantel Medical of the Slovenian firm Optotek Medical, specialized in developing optical and laser solutions for medical applications. This acquisition marks the culmination of the longstanding collaboration established between the two companies through OEM contracts to develop and supply devices for Quantel Medical’s range of anterior chamber lasers.

LacriMax is a medical laser designed for surgical procedures. It delivers 10 W of powerthrough a 400 μm fiber, making it ideal for precise surgery, especially for endoscopic procedures. (Source: Optotek Medical)

This will enable Quantel Medical to further strengthen its R&D expertise for medical lasers and its industrial integration with an additional ISO 13485 certified production unit based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Optotek Medical’s revenues came to 6.6 million euros in 2018: Nearly two thirds were recorded with Quantel Medical, with the balance generated on a range of ophthalmic lasers sold in around thirty countries. Optotek has built up advanced optics and micromechanical expertise.

“The co-developments by Quantel Medical and Optotek Medical over nearly twenty years have made it possible to bring innovative solutions to the market for the treatment of secondary cataracts and glaucoma. This acquisition represents the logical culmination of our longstanding collaboration and the start of a new stage in our development” confirms Jean Marc Gendre Quantel Medical’s manager.

“This acquisition is in line with the Lumibird group’s rationale to offer its clients new strong value-added products and ensure full control over their development and production chain. We are not only further strengthening our range of laser treatment products for ophthalmology, but we are also expanding our selection of OEM solutions for buoyant markets such as dermatology or ENT surgery with articulated arms”, explains Marc Le Flohic, Lumibird’s chairman and CEO.

The industrial, technological, and commercial synergies between the two companies will make it possible to further strengthen the competitiveness of the ophthalmic lasers already released, while accelerating the development of new products. (Source: Lumibird)

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