LPKF Wins Global Technology Award

A special award for a particularly powerful PCB depaneling system: the high performance and cost-effectiveness of the LPKF Cutting­Master 3565 and the technical cleanliness of the PCB cut edges as a result of the laser cutting process were the decisive criteria for winning the Global Technology Award in the depaneling systems category. The laser system convinced the expert jury of the magazine Global SMT & Packaging with its precise, clean and cost-effective cutting results.

Stephan Schmidt, president LPKF North America, is delighted about the Global Technology Award 2020 (Source: LPKF)

LPKF’s innovative CleanCut technology ensures technical cleanliness of the processed material. The newly designed exhaust head integrated into the system prevents deposits of any kind of contamination, thus eliminating the need for cleaning steps after processing with the LPKF Cutting­Master 3565. The stress-free laser cutting of the entire PCB contour eliminates the need for mechanical routing prior to assembly. Since the usual pre­milled two to three millimeter wide channels are no longer required, up to thirty percent more PCBs can be placed on the panel. The LPKF technology thus ensures material savings, reduces costs while protecting the environment from additional waste. The sophisticated system software makes the Cutting­Master easy to operate, which also minimizes the production cycle time.

“Of course, we ourselves know the numerous advantages of our laser system and our CleanCut technology, which allow a higher packing density in SMT production and ensure a high yield. Especially in the area of complex and extremely small circuits, for example in medical technology or sensor technology, we can push the envelope. We are very pleased that this has also been recognized by an independent jury of experts who have the greatest expertise in the PCB environment. It honors our development spirit,” said Stephan Schmidt, president of LPKF North America, who accepted the trophy. “We are proud and happy about the award, which is also a proof of our leading position in the market.”

But it is not the competitive environment that is decisive for Schmidt. “With our developments, we want to drive industrial development forward. The advantages of our machines directly benefit our customers – and thus also the end users.”

Roman Ostholt, business unit manager electronics at LPKF, adds: “This award is a recognition of the performance of our entire team, from the engineers in the development department to our software specialists and the colleagues in production. We are very happy about this award and we are convinced that our laser systems can give our customers a pole position in the strong competitive PCB environment.” (Source: LPKF)

Link: Laser Depaneling – CleanCut Technology, LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, Garbsen, Germany


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