LaserStar: New Production Facility

LaserStar Technologies, supplier of laser sources and systems for welding, marking, deep engraving and cutting, recently inaugurated their new manufacturing facility in Orlando, Florida. The new location, which opened its doors in October of 2014, encompasses 12,000 square feet, houses 22 employees and compliments their flagship Riverside, Rhode Island USA production facility, which boasts 27,000 square feet.
LaserStar first launched a Training, Service and Sales location in Orlando in 2005. While retaining its function as a laser education center, the new location is a complete engineering & manufacturing facility for the FiberStar Laser Marking System production line and the iWeld Laser Welding production line. Annualized output for these product portfolios will be more than 400 laser systems per year. The new facility also houses a complete applications laboratory and product showroom for their portfolio of laser products for welding, marking & cutting. It has a fully staffed service department, sales administration department, applications department, and engineering and design departments.
LaserStar also recently announced two new lines of heavy-duty, industrial-type production workstations for deep engraving, laser welding and laser cutting applications to compliment there Laser Special Systems division.
LaserStar now has facilities in Riverside, RI, Orlando, FL, and Pasadena, CA. (Source: Laserstar)
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