Laser Technology Transforms Smartphones into Beamers

In addition to playing smartphone videos on a flat surface, RGB laser projection can be used, for example, for large-scale projection of holiday memories. (Source: Osram)

Up to now, RGB laser projections for smartphones, based on a red, green, and blue laser, often had brightness problems. The reason was the often insufficient brightness of the green laser. Green light has a special importance in RGB applications because the human eye is most sensitive in the green spectral range. The brighter the green laser shines on a surface, the brighter and stronger the projected image appears to the viewer.

With its PLT3 520D now offering 140 mW at 300 mA in pulsed mode (fifty percent duty cycle), Osram has achieved unprecedented performance for a green single-mode laser. So far, the limit for these components was 80 mW. In addition, the efficiency of the laser has been increased to a typical value of eight percent. A further advantage of the diode is its compact and space-saving TO38 metal housing with a diameter of only 3.8 mm.

The laser diode with a wavelength of 520 nm has been specially developed for laser projection applications that use a MEMS scanner as the image encoder.

“Thanks to Osram’s long tradition and expertise in the laser sector, we have succeeded in driving forward developments in this key technology,” explained Pedro Muñoz, marketing manager at Osram Opto Semiconductors. “Based on our quality promise, users can be confident that this technology will open up additional functions on smartphones in the medium term.” (Source: Osram)

Link: Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH, Regensburg, Germany

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