Laser Firm Supports Global Expansion with New Appointments

On December 18, 2019, Chromacity announced the appointment of several senior positions as the company responds to global demand for its ultrafast laser systems. Its range of affordable ultrafast lasers combine high power with very short pulsewidths, making them attractive for a range of applications, including microscopy, spectroscopy and the development of quantum technologies.

New hires support global growth (Source: Chromacity)

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Chromacity has appointed four senior positions to strengthen commercial and operational activities with an increasing global remit. Bill Handyside and Kerr Johnson bolster operations within manufacturing, research and development, with commercial duties supported by Melissa Crahan, responsible for finance, and Michael Dalgleish leading the company’s marketing activities.

The new recruits join Chromacity as the ultrafast laser specialist is preparing to install its first system in Australasia. Senior management also returned recently from a tour of the Far East, where they secured new partnerships in Japan and China.

Shahida Imani, CEO, said: “Things are moving quickly for us on many fronts and finding the right people was absolutely critical to maintaining our momentum. I’m thrilled with the appointments we’ve made in response to the rapid growth we’re continuing to experience globally. Our new recruits are settling in well and they share our ambition to push boundaries and revolutionize the laser industry.”

Chromacity announced its involvement in a ground-breaking laser development project with Heriot-Watt University earlier this year and the company is preparing for Series A investment in 2020. It designs, manufactures and sells ultrafast lasers for a wide range of industrial and fundamental research applications. With laser products spanning both the infrared and visible spectra, the company also specializes in developing custom laser technologies for specific end-user applications. Applications for its patented technologies range from multi-photon imaging and SHG microscopy, to laser spectroscopy and quantum technology development. (Source: Chromacity)

Link: Chromacity Ltd., Edinburgh, UK

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