Laser 2000 and JDSU Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement for kW Laser Systems

Laser 2000 has signed a distribution agreement with leading laser manufacturer JDSU for the exclusive distribution of kW-class fiber lasers and direct-diode lasers throughout Europe.

The partnership covers the distribution of highly advanced fiber lasers and direct-diode lasers which were jointly developed from the strategic alliance between JDSU and the cutting machine manufacturer Amada.
More than two thousand units of kW class fiber laser modules have been delivered since their introduction in 2011. With this agreement, JDSU and Laser 2000 aim at expanding the availability of the latest multi-kW laser technology for macro-materials processing applications.

The companies see a large market potential, as direct-diode lasers are an alternative to CO2 las­ers in metal processing because they provide higher cutting speeds, improved quality, increased energy efficiency and lower maintenance requirements. This can result in significantly lower overall costs for metal processing manufacturers.

The most prevalent applications are the cutting and welding of common metals such as steel, mild steel and aluminum, and direct-diode lasers are also used for processing titanium, brass and copper, as well as for surface treatment applications. (Source: Laser 2000)

Links: Laser 2000 Gesellschaft zum Vertrieb von Lasern, optoelektronischen Komponenten und Systemen mbH, Wessling, Germany

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