Wallonian Merger: Lasea Acquires Optec

New Lasea building in Belgium (4000 m²; source: Lasea)

The Lasea group, expert in the design and manufacture of precision laser machines, purchased the majority shares of the Optec company.

Based in Frameries (Belgium) and in San Diego (USA), Optec is specialized in UV and ultrashort pulse lasers with a strong presence in the USA and Asia. The new group offers all subtractive and additive laser solutions for four preferred sectors: luxury goods, medical, electronics, and academic.

Thanks to this merger, the Belgian group based in Wallonia, has achieved a critical size on the world stage. With more than 110 employees in four countries, more than a thousand systems installed on five continents and counting several clients who are giants in their industry, it confirms its strategic position as the European Leader in micromachining applications.

Founded in 1991 and born out of the Label company, a spin-off from the University of Mons, Optec designs and manufactures laser micromachining machines for the medical and electronics sectors and for safety marking. For over thirty years, it has specializsed in precision machining of polymer materials using Excimer lasers (short pulse, UV lasers). It is also a major player in the field of ultra-short pulse lasers. These two athermal processes are capable of micron-size precision, offering very high performances both from a quality and a reliability point of view for the most cutting-edge applications.

Installed in Frameries since 2003, it has gradually expanded its facilities in 2005 and 2016 in order to meet growing demand coming from Japan (Beams Inc.) and the United States (Optec LLC). Today, Optec occupies a surface area in Belgium of more than 1500 m², 100 m² of which are ISO7-class clean rooms and has a subsidiary in San Diego (USA). 600 laser systems (standard or customized) have been sold worldwide.

Optec clean room, Belgium (Source: Optec)

Optec also owns a patented ceramic machining technology, ‘MachCeram’, that allows single or series parts of premium quality to be rapidly produced.

With an organic annual growth of 32 % in seven years, Lasea has multiplied its revenue and number of employees by a factor of seven. Becoming the European leader in femtosecond laser micromachining, it is rapidly increasing its market share in the USA and Japan.

Lasea machines can be used for cutting, marking, engraving, drilling, thin film ablation and texturing of materials with unequalled quality and precision of up to 0.2 µm. With cutting-edge R&D on the international level, it regularly introduces innovations well ahead of the state-of-the-art straight cutting, bio-mimicry, simultaneous 7-axes machining, and more).
With this merger, Lasea reinforces its position in the luxury goods sector with ceramic machining (‘MachCeram’ patent) and pursues its diversification undertaken several years ago in new sectors.

An obvious merger with high sales potential

“The success of the merger between our two companies will be very easy to achieve as the companies are close and already share common values (customer satisfaction, innovation, agility, continuous improvement). The new group has now achieved a critical size on the world market. With Optec, we accumulate more than fifty years of experience in pulsed lasers and nearly thirty years in ultrashort pulse lasers! We are delighted to welcome the passionate and successful Optec team to the Lasea group. Our technological and commercial synergies are obvious. We are convinced that our respective customers will benefit from the pooling of our operations and that our new products will continue to meet the demands of rapidly growing markets,” said Axel Kupisiewicz, CEO of Lasea.

“Through Lasea and Optec, we are fortunate in Wallonia to have two high-technology companies with cutting-edge, complimentary technical skills in the field of laser machining. By pooling our skills and our innovations, we can that much better meet the needs of our customers thanks to our passionate, specialized teams. Like our beautiful country’s motto: “l’union fait la force” [Strength through Union], each of us can apply our talents to be even better,” added Laurent Marin, CEO of Optec. (Source: Lasea)

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