Klaus Löffler Joins Von Ardenne’s Executive Management

The Von Ardenne Group welcomes Mr Klaus Löffler at the executive management, he joins Pia von Ardenne-Lichtenberg at the executive management of the Dresden-based technology company and assumes the newly created role of chief sales officer.

Klaus Löffler, new CSO at Von Ardenne Group (Source: Von Ardenne)

Previously, Mr Löffler was the head of sales and managing director of Trumpf Lasertechnik. He has a extensive experience in international industries such as laser technology, medical engineering, consumer electronics and the automotive industry. At Von Ardenne, he will focus on growth markets and the expansion of sales channels.

The emphasis will continue to be on the megatrends e-mobility, renewable energy, saving resources, and digitalization. In these fields, Von Ardenne has decades of technology expertise gained from manufacturing efficient and high-quality vacuum coating systems and covers the whole spectrum of requirements in applications ranging from R&D to pilot to mass production.

“The coating solutions offered by Von Ardenne will continue to be indispensable in even more industries” says Klaus Löffler, as he is convinced that “the profitability and efficiency of products will be determined significantly by their surfaces.” (Source: Von Ardenne)

Link: VON AR­DENNE GmbH, Dresden, Germany


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