John D’Ambrosia Joins EPIC as Advisor

John D’Ambrosia, chairman of the Ethernet Alliance (left), shaking hands with Carlos Lee, director general of EPIC at the 16th EPIC Annual General Meeting in Glasgow, April 2019. (Source: EPIC)

The European Photonics Industry Consortium EPIC has announced John D’Ambrosia, veteran task force chair of the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet working group and distinguished engineer, Futurewei Technologies, as the new EPIC advisor. With the increased demand for various photonics applications, there has been a higher need to connect and fit into varied industrial value chains. As a result, EPIC has grown its membership and is inching closer to include five hundred member companies. To support EPIC’s commitment of connecting its members across the spectrum, John D’Ambrosia will brings his extensive knowledge, experience and expertise of optical communications and Ethernet in the field of photonics.

As the EPIC’s new advisor, John will be supporting EPIC’s mission to foster the vibrant photonics ecosystem as well as be the liaison between EPIC and Ethernet Standards development community. He will be updating the association with the latest in Ethernet optical standards within IEEE 802.3 Ethernet community, while also helping to broaden the exposure of EPIC and its mission within this community.

D’Ambrosia is known in the industry for his efforts as Ethernet’s advocate. In this capacity John has been an industry leader in the development of Ethernet-related technologies since 1999. In his role at Futurewei, he participated in industry standards efforts that are driving Ethernet’s ongoing evolution and its move to higher speeds. Currently, he chairs the IEEE P802.3cn 50GbE/200GbE/400GbE over Single Mode Fiber Task Force; the IEEE P802.3ct 100 GbE and 400 GbE over DWDM Systems Task Force; chairs the IEEE 802.3 New Ethernet Applications Ad Hoc, a forum for exploring new ideas for Ethernet standards; and is a member of the IEEE 802 Executive Committee. Previously, he chaired the IEEE 802.3ba Task Force that developed 40GbE and 100GbE, and the IEEE 802.3bs Task Force that developed 200 GbE and 400GbE. In 2013, John was awarded the IEEE-SA 2013 Standards Medallion and was inducted into the Light Reading Hall of Fame. His previous experience includes working at Dell, Force10 Networks and Tyco Electronics.

John D’Ambrosia said, on joining EPIC as the new advisor: “EPIC has been growing over the years and has built a very strong network of companies across the entire spectrum of the European photonics industry. EPIC has been tirelessly working towards connecting its members and encouraging collaborations and partnerships. In today’s time, it is extremely crucial to understand the working of applications in the entire value chain. I am very excited to work with EPIC and its member companies and looking forward to contributing towards the development of photonics industry.”

“It’s a great privilege to have John as an advisor and to extend his expertise and knowledge to the EPIC association and its members. EPIC’s model of connecting the European photonics community worldwide is through collaboration and partnerships and we look forward to working with John to further promote photonic technologies and innovations.” says Carlos Lee, director general, EPIC. (Source: EPIC)

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