JePPIX and PULSATE Pilot Lines Open Calls

JePPIX partners are developing test automation methods to allow customers to remotely characterize chips straight out of the fab. (Source: JePPIX)

The JePPIX Pilot Line, a European acceleration program, is hosting an Open Call for participation in their Demonstrator Program. JePPIX offers commercial InP PIC production, based on mature process design kits (PDKs). The pilot line is now opening a Demonstrator Open Call to provide support to innovative businesses and catalyze their transition to industrial prototyping and pre-commercial production of high-performance indium phosphide photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

The objective of this call is to find innovative partners who are interested in bringing a PIC-based product to the market, thereby demonstrating the capabilities of indium phosphide (InP) technologies “Made in Europe” and showcase the competences of the JePPIX supply chain.

The Call is now open and applicants are able to apply anytime until 12 November 2021. Up to 15 selected Demonstrator Open Call applicants will receive pioneer funding of up to fifty percent in in-kind contributions. The Call encourages applications from eligible companies of any size, and addressing any market segment, who are ready to take their InP PIC-based products to piloting readiness level and are willing to share high-level information about their demonstrator cases.

PULSATE emerges as an initiative to promote a pan-European network designed to boost the adoption of LBAAM manufacturing technologies through the uptake of advanced digital tools. (Source: EPIC)

In February, PULSATE opened the first Technology Transfer Experiments (TTE) Open Call for Innovative Laser-based Solutions. Laser-based advanced and additive manufacturing (LBAAM) can radically change many industries and provide maximal benefits towards flexible manufacturing and highly digitalized production environments. LBAAM technology is particularly beneficial for the sectors like aerospace, automotive, medical devices, industrial machinery, customized electronics, and textiles and clothing.

Applicants of this Open Call should address the development and implementation of technology and systems applicable to laser-based equipment for advanced and additive manufacturing market within the following areas of experimentation:  laser equipment integration, interoperability and robust automation; technology for cost effective laser-based manufacturing; first part right and zero-defect laser-based production; flexible technology for small to large batches; from CAD to PLM – data integration and flow.

Selected TTEs will become part of the 13-month PULSATE Support Programme during which the partners will offer a full set of technical and business mentoring services to scale up the experiments. The main results achieved from the execution of the experiments will include the development of innovative laser-based equipment, processes, ancillary equipment and software, looking for solutions particularly adapted to flexible production environments, typical in SMEs, and the digital tools which improve the productivity, flexibility and traceability, lowering the entry barriers. The Technology Transfer Experiments have to be proposed by a consortium including minimum two SMEs and/or slightly bigger companies acting as technology provider and at least one manufacturing company as end user.

The main benefit for each participant of the experiment will be for the supplier: a new product ready for the manufacturing sector needs; and for the end-user: the validation of a prototype system applied to its specific operational environment. On top of that, each experiment will be funded with a grant of up to 150,000 euros. (Sources: TUe / EPIC)

Links: Demonstrator Open Call, at Technical University Eindhoven TU/e, Eindhoven, The NetherlandsFundingbox Open Call website, (Photonics PPP / I4MS / EPIC)

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