Jenoptik Receives Supplier Award in China

The Lasers & Material Processing division of Jenoptik received the “Yanfeng Supplier Quality Award”. The Chinese automotive supplier rewarded the excellent delivery quality and reliability of Jenoptik.
In an official ceremony in mid-March Jenoptik received the “Yanfeng Supplier Quality Award” from its Chinese customer Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd. (YF). The award recognizes the delivery reliability and quality of the delivered high-tech machines as well as the longstanding good cooperation of both companies.
As China’s largest automotive supplier, YF is specialized in the manufacturing of dashboards for cars and uses Jenoptik laser systems to create so-called predetermined breaking points for airbags. Since 2002, YF had already purchased several large laser systems of the Jenoptik-Votan A series (pictured) from Jenoptik AG. At the end of 2013, Jenoptik had delivered the worldwide 200th laser system of this type.
With these laser systems, so-called predetermined breaking points are created by laser perforation in airbag flaps. On the back of the material, the laser generates a tear line along the desired shape of the airbag flap. A specially developed sensor system prevents the laser from completely severing the material. However, the perforation line weakens the material in a way that allows the airbag to break through this line and open up during a collision. (Source: Jenoptik)
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