Jenoptik Acquires Leading UK Road Traffic Safety Technology Company

The Jenoptik Group has acquired 92 percent of UK company Vysionics Ltd. The remaining shares continue to be held by the organization’s management team. The transaction between Jenoptik and Vysionic’s main shareholder LDC was completed in November, 2014. Both parties agreed to keep the purchase price confidential.
The UK company, which is based in Frimley, Surrey, southwest of London, currently has a workforce of 55 employees and is aiming for a revenue of around 20 million euros for 2014. Vysionics is one of the leading suppliers in the UK of “section control” technology (average speed enforcement over a defined section of road). A further core competence of the company is ANPR, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, an essential part of many innovations within the industry.
According to Jenoptik´s President & CEO Michael Mertin: “This acquisition outside the Euro-zone is an important step in our growth process and in our medium- and long-term planning. As one of the leading companies for traffic law enforcement, not only do we gain access to the important UK growth market by acquiring Vysionics, but we also complement our innovative product portfolio.”
Jenoptik section control technology is already being used successfully in Austria, Switzerland and Kuwait. In the UK, section control is also widely used on construction sites in order to provide greater safety for highway workers and drivers. Vysionics has already delivered more than 250 construction site section control systems to date. (Source: Optik & Photonik 1 / 2015)

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