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While only a prototype, Sony provided a spec sheet of its Vision S. The four-seater sports two 200 kW engines that propel it from 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, with a top speed of around 240 km/h. (Source: Sony)

At CES 2020, Sony highlights its evolution as a “creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology”.

Sony seeks to deliver products, content, and services that resonate with people and affect a positive impact on society. Sony Corporation president & CEO Kenichiro Yoshida spoke at a press conference held ahead of the exhibition’s public opening, stating that “Creativity is a powerful driving force that moves Sony forward. When it is combined with our technology, it is unstoppable.” He then proceeded to introduce his company’s latest offerings and new developments from our electronics and entertainment businesses.

Yoshida stated that, “It’s not an exaggeration to say that Mobile has been the mega-trend of the last decade. I believe the next mega-trend will be mobility,” as he unveiled the prototype vehicle “Vision S” incorporating imaging and sensing technologies that contribute to safer and more reliable autonomous driving, and an array of highly-advanced electronics technologies that together deliver an unprecedented in-car entertainment experience.

At the Sony booth, the company showed a number of imaging and sensing technologies: CMOS image sensors which achieve high sensitivity, high definition and high dynamic range while also suppressing LED flicker to deliver accurate object recognition, even in situations where conventionally detection has been difficult, solid-state lidar which uses highly accurate distance measurement to gain a precise 3D grasp of real-life spaces, sensor fusion technology which merges the capabilities of sensors of varied attributes to enable early and accurate recognition, even in challenging conditions such as fog, backlight and night-time driving, or time-of-flight (ToF) in-cabin sensing solutions which use distance measurement technology to detect and recognize people and objects inside the car. This information is used to provide an optimized infotainment system with intuitive interfaces such as gesture control and improve safety and comfort inside the vehicle.

The shown “Vision S” prototype [made in co-operation with European auto equipment companies Magna Steyr, Bosch, Continental, and ZF; ed.] incorporates Sony’s imaging and sensing technologies, as well as on-board software regulated using Sony’s AI, telecommunication and cloud technologies, in order to continuously update and evolve its features.

A total of 33 sensors including CMOS image sensors and ToF sensors are embedded within the vehicle, in order to detect and recognize people and objects inside and outside the car, and provide highly advanced driving support. Sony’s “360 Reality Audio” provides a deep and immersive audio experience through speakers built into each seat to encapsulate passengers in sound. The front seats face a dor-to-door panoramic screen on which rich and diverse content can be enjoyed through an intuitive user interface. Sony will continue to combine its advanced technologies to deliver greater safety and reliability, while also striving to inspire new emotion through revolutionary in-car entertainment experiences. (Source: Sony)

Link: Sony’s Technology – Moving Towards Evolution in Mobility, Sony Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

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