Intellectual Ventures Business Development Team Opens Doors for Visualant Technology

Visualant, Inc., a leading provider of disruptive light-based technologies, announced today that Intellectual Ventures (IV) business development team has provided an introduction of the Visualant ChromaID technology to a Chinese instrumentation company that has led to a signed collaboration agreement.
Visualant and IV entered into a strategic relationship in late 2013. In addition to advancing the Visualant intellectual property with the filing of ten patents which have been exclusively licensed to the Company, IV is also pursuing commercialization opportunities for the Visualant technology through their own business development process.
The collaboration agreement just executed between Visualant and Yantai Dongrun Instrument Co., Ltd is the first of many expected opportunities created by Intellectual Ventures. Yantai Dongrun is a leading developer and manufacturer of precise instrumentation, automation and sensor products. They will be exploring ways in which the Visualant ChromaID technology can be utilized in the marketplace, as a transformative, light-based identification and verification technology, with the potential to disrupt traditional spectral analysis technology and other costly methods of identification, authentication and diagnosis.
Ron Erickson, Visualant Founder and CEO said, “In addition to working with us to expand our intellectual property portfolio, IV has begun to open doors for our ChromaID technology around the world through their global business development network. This is the first of many business development announcements which we expect to come from our relationship with IV.”
Eric Bell, Senior Director, Investment Strategy at the Invention Development Fund of Intellectual Ventures, said, “We will continue to work with Visualant to assist them in exploiting their ChromaID technology and finding marketplace commercialization opportunities for their technology.” (Source: Visualant, Inc.)

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