Innolux Adopts Corning Laser Technologies’ Latest Innovation

Innolux Corporation will use Corning Laser Technologies’ large platform cutting tool and full automation system for its high-end display panel manufacturing process, enabling enhanced design flexibility, improved cutting accuracy, and manufacturing excellence of glass sensor panels for automotive applications.

Compared to other laser cutting methods, nanoperforation technology enables unprecedented edge strength and process stability. (Source: Corning)

Corning Laser Technologies (CLT) specializes in high precision laser process innovation. CLT offers proprietary laser cutting systems that cut glass with low surface roughness, increased bend strength, and high throughput. The large platform cutting tool and full automation systems use the enhanced nanoperforation technology developed by CLT. This patented technology for laser-glass interaction allows unprecedented edge strength and process stability compared to other laser cutting methods.

“Innolux and Corning have worked together for many years to enable new innovations in the display, automotive, and mobile consumer electronics industries. This new collaboration introduced CLT to automotive panel manufacturing, and we are excited that Innolux will utilize our laser technology for their process,” said Michael A. Müller, business director, Corning Precision Glass Solutions and Corning Laser Technologies. “This new technology brings unprecedented benefits to auto panel design and new manufacturing opportunities for the automotive industry.”

“Even during this economic downturn resulting from the pandemic outbreak, Innolux has maintained its continuous investment in innovation. By leveraging CLT to accomplish complex and delicate glass cutting, we continue to strengthen Innolux’s leadership in the auto industry,” said James Yang, president, Innolux Corp. “This collaboration is one of our largest investments in recent years. We look forward to driving new developments in the automobile industry and introducing more advanced and high-performance auto display panels and solutions with this partnership in cutting-edge auto panel technologies.”

After its creation in a three-in-one merger in 2010, the largest merger in the flat panel display industry, Innolux’s fourteen plants in Taiwan possess a complete range of 3.5G, 4G, 4.5G, 5G, 6G, 7.5G, and 8.5G-8.6G production line, making it the total display solutions provider offering a full range of large/medium/small LCD panels and touch-control screens, with a staff of around 54,000 worldwide. (Source: Corning / Innolux)

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