Infratec Invests in Higher Production Capacity

With an inauguration ceremony on 4th September 2020, Infratec completed an investment of more than ten million euros in the expansion and modernization of clean rooms for production and research as well as office space to create higher production capacities, an optimized production structure and more attractive working conditions. After the acquisition of the portfolio property, this is the second step of the permanent settlement of the company on Gostritzer Straße at the southern location of the Technologie-Zentrum Dresden. Founded in 1991 by graduates of the Dresden University of Technology as a spin‐off, today Infratec employs 230 people and has a turnover of forty million euros. Infratec is a highly specialized Dresden high‐tech company that sells two thirds of its production abroad. The Free State of Saxony has supported the investment project through the Sächsische Aufbaubank with funds from the Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure (GRW) support programme.

New extension with clean rooms for production and research as well as office space (Source: Infratec)

After completion of the extension building, the total production area now covers 1,500 square meters. The new clean room for the production of pyroelectric detectors houses a considerably enlarged, state‐of‐the‐art machine park on 500 square meters. “In order to be able to meet the increasing demand for detectors, we have acquired additional technological equipment for thin‐film technologies, wafer processes and automated assembly and contacting processes. Thus, we can double our production capacities in the medium term,” refers Dr Matthias Heinze, managing director and head of the sensor technology division.

On completion of the modernization, the previous clean room building will house the manual production workplaces and the laboratories of the development department. The investment allowed the area for manual production and development to be doubled. Infratec has since been able to hire a double‐digit number of additional employees and to accelerate research into the fundamentals of new sensor principles.

Innovative in a modern working environment

New office workplaces and meeting rooms were created on 500 square meters on the upper floor of the new building. “We are very proud to have created a modern working environment with improved working conditions, but also to have significantly increased the office space per employee. As a company that supplies components that are in the most urgent demand by medical equipment manufacturers worldwide during the corona pandemic, we were and are thus able to work through virtually without any corona‐related restrictions,” says Dr Matthias Krauß, managing director and head of the infrared measurement technology division.

The official inauguration ceremony for the expanded premises took place on 4th September 2020 upon completion of the new building and modernization, at which the management of Infratec thanked all those involved and supporters of the project for their excellent cooperation. On this occasion, with a view to the future, the locations excellent potential for the continuation of the long‐standing cooperation of Infratec with the TU Dresden and the Technologie-Zentrum Dresden was shown to the attendees. The invited guests ‐ among them the Mayor of the Saxon state capital Dresden, Dirk Hilbert and the Chancellor of the Technical University of Dresden, Dr Andreas Handschuh, were given an exclusive insight into the new production facilities in compliance with the regulations of the Corona Protection Ordinance. (Source: Infratec)

Link: Infratec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik, Dresden, Germany

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