Guido Bonati Fisba’s New CTO and Head of R&D

Dr. Guido Bonati is the new CTO and Head of R&D at Fisba in St. Gallen since the start of July. In this position, together with his team, he is responsible for decisions in the quotations, product development and technical projects fields. He structures the services required of R&D with the resources, ideas and potential and deploys efficient teams to successfully handle customer projects.

Dr. Guido Bonati (Source: Fisba)

Guido Bonati was awarded a PhD in mechanical engineering, specializing in laser technology and design, at RWTH Aachen University in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He has worked in management positions all over the world for various companies in the optical industry, including in the fields of laser technology and optics, for over 25 years. In his new position at Fisba, he can rely on his experience and in-depth knowledge in the development, production and business development fields.

Guido Bonati succeeds Christian Zellweger, who has transferred within the company as its COO. (Source: Fisba)

Further reading: New CTO and Head of R&D for Fisba,, 6th March 2019

Link: FISBA AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland

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