German Machine Tool Industry Aims to Catch up with Japan in Thailand

Thailand is the gateway to the South-East Asian economic area: gigantic growth potential, an affordable manufacturing location, a smoothly functioning infrastructure, an extensive network of component suppliers, a liberal economic system, these are facts that indicate a profitable market to enter. The country is seen simultaneously a challenge and an opportunity.
At the VDW’s Technology Symposium in Thailand, he and 13 other German machine tool manufacturers showcased their corporate capabilities and their product and service portfolios in Bangkok on 12 November 2014.  150 high-profile representatives of Thailand’s industrial sector accepted the invitation by the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association VDW.
The machine tool market in Thailand, particularly, is a fiercely contested one. Leading-edge technology from Germany faces stiff competition from affordable Asian machines, which dominate the market.
“In 2013, Thailand was the world’s ninth-biggest manufacturing location for automobiles. In parallel to the country’s economic upturn, the local machine tool market has also developed most impressively. In the past few years, the imports of machine tools have grown by a breath-taking 88 per cent to reach 2.4 billion Euros. This makes the country the world’s fourth-largest importer of machine tools. So Thailand has, in the past few years, gained significantly in importance. (Source:  Laser Technik Journal 1 / 2015)

Links: VDW German Machine Tool Builders´Association

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