Fun Quantum App for free

Entertaining “Quantum Quiz” app for playfully improving the knowledge of quantum technologies. The “Quantum Quiz” app is available for free on the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android.

The app was developed by employees, partners and friends of TOPTICA Photonics. Though there are no tangible prizes, players win by enhancing their quantum knowledge and the joy of the game. Players can test and improve their knowledge in exciting contests with like-minded people with serious and not so serious questions such as “Which atom might be a good candidate for a nuclear atomic clock?” or “What is forbidden for a quantum state?”

There are currently more than 500 questions in the app, divided into three levels of difficulty. Level 1 can typically be answered by people with a general interest in Optics/Physics/Science and a sense of humor. Level 2 can typically be answered by people who paid attention during their physics classes at university. Level 3 is for experts in the field of quantum technologies.

The app offers two game modes: Solo and Multiplayer. Up to 4 people in each multiplayer game and several parallel multiplayer games are possible. The high score table will be reset at the beginning of each month, when TOPTICA will add new questions to the library. Everybody is invited to submit their own questions via the app!

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