FIT and Mitsui Machine Tech Cooperate in Japan

The FIT Additive Manufacturing Group and Mitsui & Co. Machine Tech Ltd., a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & Co. Ltd., have announced their cooperation in Japan. The partnership aims to provide Japanese manufacturing companies with the additive manufacturing solutions of FIT, the German AM specialist. The partnership was announced at the German-Japanese Additive Manufacturing Forum, which was hosted by the German Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Back row, from left: Alexander Bonke, Carl Fruth, Albert Klein (FIT), front row, from left: Shigeo Watanabe (Mitsui Machine Tech), Yasushi Murata (FIT), Takahiro Sueki (Mitsui Machine Tech; source: GCC Japan / FIT AG)

Mitsui Machine Tech will propose to its Japanese customers FIT’s engineering, project management, and manufacturing services in close cooperation with FIT Production GmbH and FIT Japan KK, both subsidiaries of FIT AG. Furthermore, Mitsui Machine Tech and FIT will provide FIT’s extensive additive manufacturing solutions to those Japanese customers who wish to invest into their own additive manufacturing capacity. Japanese customers can therefore now access the long-standing expertise of the FIT group through a trusted manufacturing partner in Japan.

Japanese companies are increasing their activities in additive manufacturing, witnessed by a three-year joint research and development project between Toyota Motor Corporation and FIT, the results of which were also presented at the Additive Manufacturing Forum in Tokyo. With their partnership, FIT und Mitsui Machine Tech intend to address the fast-growing Japanese additive manufacturing market and assist Japanese manufacturers in their approach to additive manufacturing by providing proven solutions.

Carl Fruth, CEO of FIT, said, „The cooperation of Mitsui Machine Tech and FIT offers Japanese customers the combination of trust and expertise. This is essential during the introduction of new technologies. We have developed a well-defined set of services in the additive design and manufacturing of final products and volume parts, and now Mitsui Machine Tech and FIT offer this to the Japanese market. Our cooperation with Mitsui Machine Tech fills us with pride and joy. We have high expectations as to the results.” Osamu Shinohara, president of Mitsui Machine Tech Ltd. said, „We are very glad to work together with FIT, an esteemed and leading company of additive manufacturing in the world. We are sure that it is very good time to start the service in Japan, and that we could provide our customers with valuable solutions based on FIT’s expertise.” (Source: FIT)

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