Fisba Optik AG Changed Name to Fisba AG

The change of company name was decided upon in the light of the company’s international orientation that has been successfully pursued for some years. In future, Fisba will omit the German word Optik and, in addition to the new logo, will use selectively the brand claim “Innovators in Photonics”. The company’s three facilities in St. Gallen (Switzerland), Berlin (Germany) and Tucson (USA) now appear under the same international corporate image.
The change of company name does not involve any structural changes of the family-owned company with its workforce of 350 employees. The decision to change the company name is due to the company’s presence in the international growth markets of North America and Asia, which has increased significantly in recent years. “We feel that the change of company name will help us to be perceived as supplier of total photonics solutions and will help to drive the overall development of the company and brand”, commented Managing Director Werner Krüsi. (Source: Fisba AG)
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